Andalusia tour gives pupils a taste of Spain

During the first week of the October half-term, 14 fifth year and lower sixth form pupils enjoyed a busy, fun-packed 6-day tour of Andalusia, Spain.

On the tour, the pupils took in the sights of Granada’s famous Alhambra Palace, visited the historic town of Ronda and its bull ring, entered the caves of Nerja and explored Picasso’s birth town of Málaga. There was also time for a spot of sunbathing and coffee drinking in the more coastal towns of Puerto Banus and Marbella.

Despite being one of Spain’s most touristic regions, the pupils showed great enthusiasm in trying to communicate in Spanish, and avoided taking the easy way out and speaking in English.

Miss Katherine Psaila, the trip organiser, said: “The trip was a great success and the pupils’ confidence in speaking Spanish grew as the week went on. They have all made great progress and I was really pleased to see them using the language for themselves.”

Miss Psaila would like to thank all the pupils who went on the trip for their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour throughout, and also Mr David Lorentz who took the time out of his holidays to accompany the trip.

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