Induction: first years return from Derbyshire

First Year pupils on induction residential

Pupils in the first year have just returned from their induction residential in Derbyshire. Blessed with warm early autumn sunshine, they visited Chatsworth house and the Sotheby’s Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition, sketching their favourite sculptures before exploring the gardens and the farmyard.

The boys and girls also visited Poole’s Cavern and the village of Eyam, where they learned about the outbreak of plague that decimated the village population in the 17th century. A day geocaching in the sunlit Derbyshire dales completed their adventures.

Back in school uniform, they are now following up their experiences in their lessons in Art, History and Life Studies.

Head of first year Mrs Helen Lawson said:

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It’s an ideal way for them to develop their new friendships and learn how to be more independent, while visiting some of the most beautiful parts of Derbyshire.

The boys and girls were a credit to Stockport Grammar School – I’m looking forward to the trips with the other forms!

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