Illustrator Jackie Morris joins in with Children’s Book Week

Pupils with illustrator Jackie Morris

Children’s illustrator and author Jackie Morris paid an inspirational visit to Stockport Grammar Junior School on Tuesday as part of Children’s Book Week.

Jackie, who lives in a remote part of Wales overlooking the sea, told the children how she had loved drawing since the age of five and distinctly remembers the impact of seeing her father’s drawings of birds – a huge influence on the illustrations she later began to create.

Having struggled with her reading and writing until the age of 11, Jackie saw drawing as her way of telling the stories in her head. She showed the boys and girls a number of her illustrations and talked about the real animals she had been lucky enough to draw, including 17 snow tigers in a back garden in London.

What captured the children’s imaginations most of all were Jackie’s dragons, one of which she drew for the school to keep before offering her final words of advice – to not be scared of the creatures under the bed that so often kept her awake as a girl!

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