Junior School children experience a day as Victorians

Junior School children had a taste of what it would be like to be a child in 1876 last week when year five held a Victorian day.

Dressed in authentic Victorian costumes, the day began with an assembly where the children found themselves standing for the duration and without any of today’s comforts. Rev Scoones visited from St Mary’s church, dressed in full costume, with a Victorian prayer book and an original photograph of the Queen taken by his great grandfather.

Assembly was followed by a full timetable where they were expected to work in silence as they studied reading, writing and arithmetic. Boys and girls were segregated, and teachers wielded their canes and marched up and down the classrooms in order to maintain discipline.

Playtime was spent playing hopscotch and hoopla, lunch was preceded by grace, and an energetic session of drill took place before home time.

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