Egypt and Roman days help pupils understand past

Pupils on living history day

Just a week after year five held a Victorian day, Stockport Grammar Junior School hosted another living history day when year three enjoyed a day as ancient Egyptians and year four experienced life in Roman times.

The boys and girls in year three spent their morning making masks and canopic jars, as well as learning about hieroglyphics and mummification, before an afternoon of drama activities where the children had the chance to explore Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Roman day

Year four’s Roman day saw Mr Alastair Thorley, the Senior School head of Classics, taking the children through a soldier’s drill before they were arranged in a testudo formation and marched through the school.

Earlier, the young Romans had constructed shields as part of their outfits, made mosaics and, with the help of Classics pupils from the sixth form, examined a variety of Roman artefacts.

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