Junior School nativity plays celebrate Christmas

Junior School nativity play

Christmas has been celebrated in the infant department this week with the production of Children of the World. Every child had a part to play and a country or character to represent.

The Australians were certainly full of fun and Christmas day on the beach was really inviting – I’m jealous of anyone finding warmer climes soon!

The true meaning of Christmas was echoed by the children of Malawi who had only their voices to give the newborn king, and their song began with a beautiful duet by Charlie and Ebrahim.

The children of Poland looked magnificent in their authentic costumes, which made Mrs Koziel feel quite homesick, while the Chinese children were splendid and their dance was symbolic and graceful.

The USA children enjoyed candy canes and performing the gospel jive, before the children of Ireland danced with rhythm and enjoyed lighting candles.

The nativity characters set the scene and were able to oversee the whole celebration.

Thank you for helping your children learn words, dance, sing and look wonderful.

I have many happy memories of the Junior School and the infant nativity is certainly a high point of my Christmas; something which everyone of us can treasure as we are proud of the children who shine with the excitement of Christmas.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2011.

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