Pupils gather contributions for their poetry donations bank

Pupils with the poetry donations bank

Pupils in 2T have been studying poetry in their English lessons this half-term and have decided to get the rest of Stockport Grammar School involved – by asking teachers, pupils, parents and friends to donate lines to their poetry donations bank.

The poetry donations bank, pictured above, works like a food or clothing bank – people give lines of poetry that they have going spare, have been rattling around in their heads since school or just caught their imagination when they first read them.

With nearly 80 donations in five different languages so far, the class are enthusiastic about the importance of poetry in people’s everyday lives and feel that it is far from something that is just learnt as a necessity at school.

Katie Suttle from the class is particularly enjoying the project, saying:

I have learned that a poem is a spoken song and can be more powerful that you think. The rhythm in poetry, to me, is what determines whether it’s exciting, sad or happy. I love that some poems stick with you for a long time; everybody knows a poem.

Classmate Jaime Sanchez-Cappucino agrees:

I have learned that poetry can be the quickest way to someone’s heart. It creates an image in your mind that can stay for a lifetime.

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