Year five enjoy Yorkshire’s great outdoors on activity centre trip

Year 5 pupils at Robinwood Activity Centre

Year five’s trip to the Robinwood activity centre in Yorkshire had our Junior School children climbing towers, canoeing across water, traversing down zip wires and swinging on trapezes last week.

The annual three-day trip gives pupils the chance to challenge themselves by participating in a range of tasks where teamwork, motivation and setting personal challenges – as well as the guarantee of plenty of fun – are key elements.

The children’s favourite activities included the giant swing, while Dev Vaish, like the rest of his friends, loved the zip wire: “It was the best activity I’ve ever done and I’ll always remember the moment I jumped off a seven-metre high building!”

The “piranha pool”, which puts teamwork to the test, was a favourite of Leah Bird: “It had all types of challenges and if you don’t get them finished in time, they release the ‘piranhas’. It was great!”

After an exhausting but rewarding stay, boys and girls returned to school with plenty of great memories and some valuable learning experiences, leaving Samuel Stretton to sum up the visit:

There were loads of activities. My favourites were the piranha pool, the giant swing and the night line. The point of Robinwood is to help people get better at working together and at teamwork. We all had a great time. I thought it was the best three days ever and would love to go again. A big thank you to all the staff who helped organise the trip.

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