Actors excel in cityUNITED Drama production

cityUNITED performance

For two evenings last week the school hall was transformed in to a football pitch complete with line markings and goalposts as cityUNITED played to enthusiastic audiences who had come dressed in their team colours.

A footballing love story, the production took Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, crossed them with football’s tribalism and launched them 20 years into the future.

Each performance included an unscripted football match between “City” and “United”, and Sam Arrowsmith as the referee, Cyrus Bulsara as Jack and Liza Vul as Wendy led a cast that excelled as they both entertained and explored a dystopian vision that saw football used as a means of repression.

The play was written and directed by senior tutor Mr David Howson.

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