German exchange helps pupils improve language and make new friends

Pupils with German exchange partners

Before the half-term break, Stockport Grammar welcomed 23 pupils and teachers from our partner school in the north German town of Bad Segeberg as part of our annual exchange programme.

Each pupil from Germany stayed with the family of one of our fifth year pupils, and strong bonds were formed by the end of their week together.

While the Stockport Grammar pupils attended their lessons as usual, their partners were whisked off on a variety of cultural excursions to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. They also enjoyed a reception held for them at Stockport town hall, were treated to a guided tour of the air raid shelters, and then spent much of the weekend together socialising and on shopping trips with our pupils.

The whole group had an enormous amount of fun while cultural understanding was increased and language was improved.

In February, our fifth year pupils will pay a return visit to Germany and rekindle, in person, the friendships which are being kept strong by email and over the internet.

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