Stopfordians 10 – 21 Brooklands

The first and third quarters were sound defensive performances but the second and fourth revealed repeated weaknesses; Stops found themselves on the back foot as Brooklands piled on the pressure.

Having said that, the last 20 minutes actually provided something of a revival as Stops put half a dozen goals away, a couple of them admittedly aided by the opposing ‘keeper. There were some well taken goals and the team spirit was evident as Stops showed drive and confidence in attack despite Brooklands’ commanding lead.

The team again had a new look with appearances by Pete Wilson, Rick Topham and Mark Bowen. Jamie Allan returned to the team, but due to the number of defenders that were available Jamie moved up into the midfield. To turn out against a team of recent premier division status is demanding, but all worked hard and showed improvement as the game went on.

The game this coming Saturday is away at Newcastle and will be crucial in the quest for points and survival in division Premier Two.

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