Jonathan Meres author visit entertains and inspires Junior children

Jonathan Meres author talk

Author Jonathan Meres treated our Juniors to an entertaining talk about the latest book in his World of Norm series before the half-term break.

As a former standup comedian, Jonathan spent most of the hour making his audience of year two to six boys and girls laugh, teasing the teachers and forgetting to talk about the book. But once he remembered, the children loved listening to a chapter from May Cause Irritation, and afterwards had the chance to get their own copies of the book signed.

Darcy Entwistle in Y3H was a big fan of the visit:

Jonathan writes books for children and young adults. At first he told funny jokes and read some funny poems, and then he talked about his new book. I really enjoyed the talk and I got one of his books for him to sign.

Charlie Hallows, from the same class, also became a fan of Jonathan’s books after the talk:

The World of Norm is a very, very, very funny story about a boy who dreams he goes to the supermarket naked. I can’t wait to read it properly!

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