Listen to year three’s own mythical legends

Class Y3S with their myths

Class Y3S have been combining their ICT skills with what they’ve learned in their English lessons to record their very own myths.

The children had been listening to and reading lots of myths, and so decided to write their own about the world’s natural occurrences.

Once they’d written their stories, the boys and girls used the desktop publishing software on the netbook computers in their classroom to type them up and add borders and pictures, before they were printed and displayed on the wall.

After lots of practise reading their myths to each other, Mrs Hutchinson, the Junior School ICT teacher, helped the children record them so they could be turned into MP3s, a selection of which can be listened to below.

Nicholas – How Clouds Came to the World

Olivia and Megan – How Clouds Came to the World

Harrison – How Fire Came to the World

Isabella and Nadia – How Flowers Came to the World

Kia – How Light Came to the World

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