Science day goes off with a bang

Legend of the Dragon Junior School Science day

Children in the nursery through to year six enjoyed a day of experiments and crafting last Wednesday when the Junior School held a science day.

There were over a dozen different activities taking place during the day, varying from creative crafting in the nursery and infants to lectures and microscope work further up the school, as well as the exciting experiments conducted by the visiting Science Boffins company. 

Infant child making Science day robotCreative Chemistry club in the Senior School also got involved, with a performance of Legend of the Dragon – written by the club as a special showcase of scientific tricks – amazing the audience of visiting children from year three.

Year five were in the Senior School too, using the swimming pool to help discover how aerodynamic different costumes were when performing a push and glide in the water.

With all the experiments completed, the whole school gathered around the field to witness the Science Boffins launch a rocket high into the Stockport sky to signal the end of a memorable day.

The rocket launch wasn’t the end of the fun for the year one pupils though. The next morning, the Senior School’s Dr Lucy Pitts visited the infants to help them create chemical reactions to erupt mini volcanoes and conduct the classic diet cola and Mentoes experiment.

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