Warren win first ever Junior School house quiz grand final

Junior School house quiz

The first ever Junior School house quiz grand final made sure the children were wide awake on Monday morning when they started their week by pitting their wits against each other in assembly.

The idea for the quiz, hosted by Mr Malcolm Johnson, came from the Senior School house captains with the aim of encouraging the pupils to expand their knowledge as well as giving some of them the chance to answer questions in a competitive, but fun, environment.

Each house’s grand finalists were picked from a hat of names of children who had answered all of the questions on a quiz sheet correctly, with eight teams of four chosen to represent their house in two different age groups. 

With their fingers on the buzzers, the finalists were cheered on by their houses as they answered questions on general knowledge, the school and sport, as well as taking part in a throwing challenge.

After the house captains had added up the scores, Warren were announced as the winners of the 20 house points and the school house shield.

Lots of fun was had by all the children who took part and watched. Dev Vaish, a Nicholson house captain, said: “I didn’t compete in the grand final but I got to blow the hooter for the end of each round! I hope to take part in the Senior School quiz next year.”

Aoife Teegan, who competed for Vernon, had just as much fun: “I enjoyed everything about the house quiz final. I would do it again! I tried to answer many questions but Nathan Eckersley in Nicholson kept getting all the answers before me!”

Andrew Corcoran, from champions Warren house, also really enjoyed the quiz:

It was really good fun because it was realistic. It felt like you were doing it on a TV show!

I had to spell “grammar” and I got it right! I got the capital of Australia (Canberra) wrong though – that was a tough one!

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