1987 rugby world tour 25th anniversary reunion

1987 rugby world tour squad

29 years ago, two blokes met in a pub. Aside of enjoying a couple of pints, they discussed an appropriate way of celebrating their school’s forthcoming quincentenary. Luckily for us, those two chaps were Len Kynaston and Steve Dunn. That evening they came up with the idea of a world rugby tour.

Four years on and after a huge amount of planning and fundraising, the two coaches and 26 immensely lucky lads embarked on what was to be a trip of a lifetime, visiting California, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

25 years on, 17 of the squad, including Len and Steve, met up to commemorate the tour.

The school very kindly supplied food and drink for the occasion, as well as the 1st XV pitch for a spot of touch rugby. All things considered, the standard of rugby was fair, and collectively we only pulled four hamstrings – with just the one requiring A&E!

After the rugby we made our way, via the Jolly Sailor, to Bredbury Hall for dinner and an evening of merriment.

Speeches, prize giving, singing and a little drinking prevailed as many fond memories were recollected.

Full marks to PJ Mycock for instigating the reunion and many thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend, whether they travelled from Switzerland, Essex, Australia or Bramhall! 

Danny Adamson (OS 1988)

List of attendees:

  • Len Kynaston
  • Steve Dunn
  • Tony Carlin
  • Ian Milner
  • Peter Mycock
  • Matthew Birt
  • Danny Adamson
  • Steve Graham
  • Phil Browne
  • Alistair Birt
  • Mark “Zippy” Simpson
  • Paul “Blob” Howarth
  • Colin Nevitt
  • Andrew Gregg
  • Steve Foster
  • Dominic Huxley
  • Sasha Howell

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