Kung fu battles help first year pupils learn punctuation

Kung fu punctuation battle

In an attempt to enliven punctuation and grammar, Stockport Grammar English teacher Miss Spence has invented punctuation kung fu – a ninja-style battle where each piece of punctuation has its own kung fu move.

Grappling with commas, semi-colons and hyphens can seem incredibly abstract and head-scratchingly complex at first – but not for class 1P.

Kung fu punctuation battle contestantIn their battles, sentences are displayed on the interactive whiteboard without any punctuation before pupils challenge each other to fight out the punctuation. This comes after teacher-led explanations of the use of different grammatical structures and punctuation, with the game acting as a kinaesthetic and unique way of revising.

Beth Garnett, a pupil in 1P, said:

It helps me to remember the different ways of using a comma because I can always remember the sentences I have fought over and then can use those types of sentences in my work.

In order to ensure fairness, a panel of judges are appointed from the class to decide the victor of each battle, with the winner staying on to pick their next opponent.

This new approach to punctuation has proved successful and incredibly popular, and Miss Spence is in the process of writing an article documenting the success of punctuation kung fu for an educational magazine.

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