Pupils learn from Oxford professors at scientific symposium

Pupils at Oxford International Biomedical Centre symposium

Pupils from Stockport Grammar were among those from just seven other schools in the area to attend an Oxford International Biomedical Centre symposium on the brain recently.

Held at Stockport Academy, the day was held for pupils who excel in scientific subjects and was a fantastic opportunity for them to hear about the latest research from three eminent neuroscientists.

The lecturers, from Oxford and Manchester universities, discussed several different brain-related matters including phantom limbs, dementia, dyslexia and the functions of the brain lobes.

During one interactive session, pupils took part in experiments on touch, photoreceptors and blind spots, while a demonstration of how hearing changes with age had the older members of staff concerned by their lack of ability to detect sounds of high frequencies!

After each lecture, question and answer sessions gave our pupils the chance to quiz the speakers and gain even more of an insight into each topic.

Afterwards, our scientists described the day as “very useful for helping deciding careers”, “a good insight into university research in this area,” and being “a privilege to talk to those at the cutting edge of their area of study.”

Mrs Kim Bridges, the head of middle school, echoed their thoughts:

The whole day was a fulfilling experience and inspired our pupils to go away to think more about the brain and the contribution that scientific research can make in improving the quality of life of patients with neurological conditions.

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