Year six musical production Clusical opens tonight!

Scene from Clusical

Year six production Clusical, the first ever full length-original musical to be performed at Stockport Grammar, opens at school tonight.

Scripted by Junior School Drama teacher Mrs Alison Sullivan, with music and lyrics written by upper sixth form pupil Oliver Mills, the murder mystery is set in the 1920s at Box Manor – the home of Duke Box and his wife.

Another scene from ClusicalBut when a shocking discovery is made that could put the duke’s name in jeopardy, a mysterious chain of events is set in motion involving a lobster, a tea trolley, a potting shed and an exceedingly large cake!

A cast over 50 year six pupils play a variety of humorous characters from noble gentry to below stairs staff, and production is overseen by both of the writers, along with Mrs Ruth Cole, who takes the role of musical director.

The production has been over a year in the making and all began during production of 2011’s year six musical Trolls. In order to cater for a larger cast than the show was originally written for, Mrs Sullivan adapted the script and Ollie was brought in to write three additional musical numbers which proved very successful and gave the pair the idea to produce their own stage musical from scratch.

Yet another scene from ClusicalA meeting followed in the Easter holidays where many ideas were discussed. It became clear from the outset that a murder mystery appealed most to their imaginations and so Clusical was born.

Over the following months, draft after draft was passed from one to the other full of dramatic confrontations, wild belly laughs and introducing eccentric characters – not to mention, of course, the entirely original musical score of extravagant chorus numbers, romantic duets and comedic solos!

Clusical will be performed tonight and tomorrow in the Senior School main hall, with doors opening at 6.30pm and the show starting at 7pm. Tickets are priced at just £3 and are available from the Junior School.

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