Art trip takes pupils to USA’s most famous galleries

Pupils on USA Art trip

The Art department, in conjunction with the History department, enjoyed a hugely successful trip to the US during the first half of the Easter holidays.

A cold and wet New York was our first stop and here, after taking the opportunity to walk along Fifth Avenue and through Central Park, we visited the Guggenheim where a retrospective of John Chamberlain’s automobile sculptures was on display alongside their impressive permanent collection.

Pupils sketching in gallery on USA Art tripA subway ride to Grand Central station for lunch preceded our second gallery stop at the Museum of Modern Art which, having recently undergone an extensive refurbishment, now houses a truly world class collection by all the modern masters.

Then on to Washington via Philadelphia.

While it may not shout about its art collections, anyone who has visited America’s capital city will have been left in no doubt about the quality of what can be seen there.

Our party managed to visit three galleries: the Philips Collection, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the particularly noteworthy National Gallery of Art.  In each we were presented with an extraordinary display of major pieces by many of the greatest artists from both America and Europe.

A major contributing factor in making the experience so enjoyable was the scale of each gallery and the space in which to enjoy looking at it. As a space in which to sketch, it could not have been bettered, and it is no exaggeration to say that a tangible difference was evident in the pupils’ understanding and appreciation of the art we saw.

In summary, this was a tremendous experience which was helped, in no small part, by the pupils who accompanied us around the galleries and whose enthusiasm and behaviour meant that spending time with them was a complete pleasure.    

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