Chemistry Olympians finish among top 7% in UK

Chemistry Olympiad entrants

Our Chemistry Olympiad entrants have achieved some outstanding results in this year’s competition, with Alastair Watts and Miranda Cupit finishing among the top 7% in the UK and over half a dozen others receiving silver and bronze awards.

Organised for sixth form pupils by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Olympiad is a challenging written test of chemical knowledge which stimulates much debate on, and enthusiasm for, the subject.

Our pupils sat the paper back in February and have this week received their results and the following certificates:


  • Alastair Watts
  • Miranda Cupit


  • Edward Greaves
  • Chloe Withers
  • Jamie Simpson
  • Kristen Holland
  • Kristian Lee


  • Hameem Choudhury
  • Matthew Rowson

Chemquiz team

Chemists from lower down the school have also had reason to celebrate recently after they finished third out of 42 schools in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Chemquiz.

The team, pictured right, finished top in the chemical knowledge and multimedia sections of the quiz and also performed brilliantly in the practical element.

As well as being awarded certificates, each member of the team also received a £10 gift voucher.

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