English pupils sell new fruits to practise their persuasive patter

English pupils selling popiwast

Inspired by Marks & Spencer’s “papple” (a pear crossed with an apple), Miss Spence’s third year English class have been inventing their own fruits to sell at their market as part of their persuasive writing scheme of work.

The class’s creations ranged from bloranges to pelons, and were all colourful, inventive and (apparently!) delicious.

Their market stalls were decorated with brightly coloured table cloths and posters, and one group even made themselves t-shirts advertising their fruit.

Another pupil selling imaginary fruitMost teams brought in tasters by blending their component fruits together to make juices, smoothies and ice lollies, with one particularly inventive team baking cupcakes with fruit pieces inside.

In order to create an authentic market atmosphere, English teachers and older pupils came to visit and paid marbles for the most persuasive pitch, with the winning team accruing 44 marbles. Not bad for a morning’s selling!

The market formed part of the class’s persuasive writing scheme of work; the idea being that the pupils would get the opportunity to try out their patter on paying customers before writing a persuasive speech.

It also tested their ability to use descriptive language to describe how the fruits that don’t (yet!) exist, tasted, smelt and felt!

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