Pupils go back to the ’40s on second world war day

Evacuees on world war 2 day

Pupils in year five arrived at school dressed as second world war evacuees on Thursday for our first ever world war two day.

In the morning of what was an exciting and dramatic day, the children went straight to the music room to listen to the announcement of the start of the war and find out from Mrs Pinkerton-Smythe (Mrs Flint) and Mrs Pinches-Hooper (Mrs Sullivan) where they would be spending the next few months.

Pupil sampling world war 2 dishMost hoped to be staying with the butcher or farmer so that they could receive extra rations of bacon and eggs, though the mansion where well-to-do Mrs Pinkerton-Smythe lived was also another popular choice.

There was no time for homesickness though as the children were involved in morning activities such as emergency first aid, repairing old clothes and making their rations last.

After a packed lunch (with plenty of Spam and corned beef on the menu) pupils were rushed off to the air raid shelter having heard the familiar siren. Once there, their job was to work together to put out the fires the incendiary bombs had caused.

The afternoon finished off with decorating, cleaning the courtyard and food sampling before celebrating the announcement of the end of the war with songs and games.

Once the announcement had sunk in, the children left excited to be going home at last, but sad to be leaving their new found friends.

Reflecting on the day, pupils were pleasantly surprised by the wartime foods they tasted:

I enjoyed the taste testing with Mrs Pinches-Hooper because they were surprisingly nice!

Phoebe Roberts Y5J

I liked the activities we did. I was surprised about the food.  I thought it would be a bit like Victorian gruel but it turned out to be nice, sweet, tasty food! Mmm!

Jake Thorley, Y5J

I enjoyed celebrating the end of the war in the afternoon, we had to brush up the courtyard and make paper chains.  We also got to sample some war time food.

Isabelle Corcoran, Y5C

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