Year four live life as Vikings and Tudors on York trip

Pupils defending their Viking village

An overnight stay in York earlier this month didn’t just take our year four children to the other side of the Pennines – it transported them back to the dark ages and Tudor times after they visited a living history village.

The pupils had no time to relax after arriving at Murton Park’s Danelaw dark age village – they were greeted by a Viking and were quickly dressed up in tunics, gowns and headscarves before getting down to some very hard work.

Pupils dressed as TudorsPottery, fieldwork and housework were all essential in helping our pupils maintain their new settlement, but most important was their training as Viking soldiers, which helped them to defend the village from enemy invasion.

As evening fell, Dave, the lord of the village, gathered the children around the fire for a story about Thor’s hammer being stolen, before our pupils were quickly hauled back to the present day as they headed back to their accommodation in the city.

The next day, the pupils visited Jorvik Dig, an archaeological centre where they were able to excavate artefacts from four different historical ages, including the one they had spent the previous day living in.

A working archaeologist also showed the children a selection of bones and other finds which they had to identify – some of which were less pleasant than others!

An absolutely packed two days came to an end when the pupils returned to Murton Park to spend half a day living as Tudors.

Their activities included learning to write using a traditional quill and ink, candle dipping and using oranges and spices to make a Tudor room fragrance, before their adventure finally came to an end with everybody exhausted, but having had an amazing time.

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