Stopfordians 13-3 Ashton

At last Stops collected two valuable points from a convincing win.

The first quarter was a close fought encounter, but by half-time Stops had pulled steadily ahead to take a 5-1 lead.

By the end of the third quarter the result seemed beyond doubt with a comfortable 9-1 lead, and by the final whistle Stops had hit the back of the net four more times, although Ashton had rallied with two goals in reply.

Stops’ defence put on a sound display throughout the game with Matt Day having what was probably his best performance yet for the club.

Henry Phillips employed his trademark move on a number of occasions; the attacker appears to have gone past Henry  only to find a late check taking the ball (and sometimes his stick) from him.

James Allan changed his usual long stick for a short stick and proved an effective midfielder, getting himself onto the score sheet.

The final score of 13-3 provided a substantial margin of victory and included a number of well worked and nicely finished goals.

Despite that, scoring opportunities were missed that could have added another half dozen to the total.

Overall this was a spirited display of good lacrosse and a tribute to the effort and determination of team captain, Phil Hall.

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