Story sharing helps promote joys of reading to our Junior children

Older girl reading to younger girls

Story sharing, book swapping and reading competitions have all been introduced to our Junior School children as part of a new initiative to promote the joys of reading.

Introduced by teachers Mrs Sarah Coombes and Mrs Jo Swales, the most fun comes at the start of the month when children from every class in the school join up in pairs to share either stories which they’ve written themselves or other example of their English work.

Older boy reading to younger boyMost recently, boys and girls from reception class RH chose their favourite books for the children in Y4CR to read to them, while Y3S linked up with Y1H to share some reading.

Miriam Sharif in Y3S told us what she’d been up to:

A little boy came to me and I read a book called the Otter Who Wanted to Know.

Next, Nathan read a book to me. It was about a little girl who went to the seaside and left her teddy there.

While Y4CR’s Harrison Moulding explained what happened when RH came to visit:

I retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood in my version. I read my story to them and they liked my story. We also wrote a playscript.

In a group we made a really funny show by using some expressions like a deep voice for the wolf and a happy voice for Little Red Riding Hood. I liked it when they laughed at the funny parts.

Reading now has a competitive edge too. At the end of each month, reading records are returned to Mrs Coombes and Mrs Swales who will give out bronze, silver and gold certificates and house points to the school’s best readers. Individual teachers can also nominate their pupils for a class reading certificate, with the winners being displayed for all to see on the English notice board.

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