Victorian day takes year five children back to the 1800s

Mrs Sullivan's class on Victorian day

Our year five children travelled back in time to the 19th century recently where they found out what a day at Stockport Grammar in Victorian times would have been like.

After paying a penny for their schooling on arrival, our Victorian children (dressed as both rich and poor) took part in an assembly and then lessons which included art, scripture, maths, handwriting and reading the works of Charles Dickens – all under the watchful eyes of their extra-strict teachers.

Teachers on Victorian dayHoopla, marbles and hopscotch were among the traditional games on offer during breaktime in the courtyard and, after some rigorous hand-checking, the boys and girls were treated to a lunch of soup, a sandwich and, if they were good, an apple!

Singing and drill practice finished off the day, and there was also time for photographs to be taken of every child and their teachers.

Many thanks to Mrs Cole, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Torz and Mrs Carroll for helping out on the day, the catering staff for providing the food and to the children’s parents for their inventive costumes.

After returning to 2012, Lydia Johnson in Y5J told us how much fun she had:

I thought it was really good!

I enjoyed the singing in assembly, and doing the art – I like drawing still life.  The drill and Victorian lunch was good fun.

Although the teachers were strict, by the end of the day they got a little nicer!

And Chester Bowden (also Y5J) enjoyed learning about the differences between life at school now and then:

It was good! I liked that it was so different to now and you got a taste of what it was like in the old days. The best fun was watching the teachers being strict!

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