Crime scenes help bring murder mysteries to life in English class

Murder mystery crime scene in English class

Form 2S have been concocting murder mysteries in their English lessons and then bringing the crime scenes to life to help them fully appreciate the complexities of the detective genre.

Detective investigates crime sceneCharacter development

Small groups of pupils were issued with a list of characters and a setting from which they had to develop their murder mystery. Then, after lessons on the importance of detailed character backgrounds and development, they created fact files to help them fully explore their perpetrator’s motives for committing the crime.

The pupils then staged their crime scenes in a static tableau, with the rest of the class taking on the roles of detectives to interact with the suspects to try to establish who the murderer might be – and why!


Over their next few lessons the class will conduct and film police interviews featuring their characters, with their hints and clues helping the others find out “whodunit”, before the pupils go on to write their own pieces in the detective genre-style.

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