Snow falls at perfect time for Junior School Design Tech igloo builders!

Y6M pupils with igloo

Monday’s snow couldn’t have come at a better time for the children learning about shelters in Mr Makinson’s Design Technology class as they spent their latest lesson building a real-life igloo.

Y6M pupil in iglooOur architects, all from class Y6M, had already been learning about the structure of igloos so were able to put their knowledge into practice as soon as the snow arrived.

With the help of Junior School Design Technology and Games teacher Mr Dave Makinson, the pupils tightly packed snow into boxes to make bricks which were then used to build the dome-shaped structure, large enough to accommodate up to three children.

The entrance did sustain some structural damage thanks to an impact with an over-eager pupil, but Mr Makinson oversaw the repairs and soon declared it safe and reopen for business.

With the freezing temperatures forecast to stay until the weekend, Mr Makinson reckons the igloo should last until the end of the week – much to the delight of those in the queue patiently waiting for a tour of the snowhouse.

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