Traditional stories help year three children write own new fairytales

Y3S wearing fox masks

The next Hans Christian Andersen or Brothers Grimm might just come from Mrs Smith’s year three class after the children crafted their very own fairytales. 

As part of their English lessons, the boys and girls read classic books then studied the tales’ heroes, villains and storylines to help them write their own fables, which are now proudly on display on the classroom walls.

And as a reward for all their hard work, the children spent a day bringing The Gingerbread Man to life by decorating their own biscuits and making masks of the fairytale’s unscrupulous fox.

Harley Haughton from the group told us why he enjoyed the day so much:

We had a traditional tales day and we made fox masks and gingerbread biscuits. It was fun and creative and my biscuits were delicious.

It was great because we got to do different types of lessons and the day flew past!

Classmate Miles Cooke had plenty of fun too:

We made fox masks with tissue paper. It was very fun and I enjoyed myself. When I’d finished my mask I pretended to be Mr Fox!

In the afternoon we decorated gingerbread men using sweets and icing. The gingerbread man reminded me of the story I wrote in my English lesson.

Joshua Cole and Colleen Devlin have typed up their stories which are available to download below.

Download The Jester by Joshua Cole (pdf)

Download Howler Defeats the Witch by Colleen Devlin (pdf)

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