Egyptian day takes children back to age of the pharaohs

Girls wearing Egyptian costumes

Some colourful costumes and a bit of imagination helped our year three children enjoy a day of ancient Egyptian activities before the half-term break.

Boy wearing Egyptian costumeThe day came as part of the year group’s work on ancient Egypt, with activities based around crafts, hieroglyphics and mathematics helping to back up the work the children had been doing in their classes.

A competition to build the highest pyramid, mummifying dolls and a pretend archaeological dig added plenty more fun to an already-exciting day, which is best summarised by Talia Zelhofin in Y3S, who’s kindly written a brief report:

On Egyptian day we came into school with our Egyptian costumes on. I was wearing a Tutankhamun costume.

We made scarab beetles out of shining paper and we coloured Tutankhamun’s mask. I really enjoyed it when we mummified dolls. The final thing was that we were detectives and explored a tomb.

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