Firefighters talk to nursery children about staying safe

Nursery child firing hose

Officers from the Greater Manchester fire and rescue service’s Offerton station came to visit our nursery to tell the children all about how they help them and others stay safe.

Mrs Newhouse dressed as a firefighterOn a morning of important lessons and lots of fun, the boys and girls learned all about why they should always wear their seatbelts and exactly what to do if they hear a smoke alarm going off at home.

Nursery nurse Mrs Newhouse then joined in the fun when the officers dressed her up in their equipment to help them explain to the children how the apparatus protects them when they’re fighting fire.

And as a treat for listening so well to everything the firefighters had to say, the children donned their coats, hats and scarves to brave the cold weather and enjoy a tour of the fire engine before, most excitingly, each taking their turn to fire the hose across the school field!

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