Norbury 14-3 Stopfordians

Norbury took an early 3-0 lead, but from that point Stops were in contention, conceding only one more goal before half-time.

Stops put up a solid defence during the first half, but presented little threat at the other end of the field with insufficient possession from the centre and few scoring opportunities. Trailing by only four goals to nil after 40 minutes there was still the chance of close result. Unfortunately, hopes were shattered in the third quarter when Norbury managed to score six goals without reply.

The defence, previously quite solid, was caught out with loose marking and stray passes. But spirits were raised in the last quarter, when Stops were first to score and began to look threatening. Paul Bowden opened the scoring for Stops with a well taken shot, then followed up with two accurate feeds that Chris Sullivan converted into neatly finished goals.

Norbury kept up the pressure to give a final score of 14-3, but Stops took some pride from the game with a gutsy performance in the last quarter.

Mark Bowen had worked hard throughout the game and in the final quarter impressed with his work rate and determination to clear the ball.

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