Infants learn about natural materials at Quarry Bank Mill

Year 1 pupils at Quarry Bank Mill

Children from year one spent an exciting day at Quarry Bank Mill where they learned all about natural materials.

Year 1 pupils in Styal woodsAs well as having an interesting tour of the cotton mill, the children also went into the woods to investigate what materials grow and naturally occur there.

All the boys and girls took part in tree-rubbing, making natural collages and weaving with feathers and leaves. 

Conor Hallworth in Y1H told us what he enjoyed most about the day:

My favourite part was when we saw how cotton was made in the olden days. It was really interesting.

James Patel from Y1S also let us know his favourite part of the trip:

I really loved finding things in the woods that matched the colours on the cards. It was hard at first but then I got the hang of it.

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