New parents’ association committee needed after October 2013

Stopfordian Parents' Association

The current SPA committee comes to the end of its three year term in October 2013, and we’re looking for volunteers for a number of roles.

The SPA consists of the five committee officials plus a council of 11 members. The committee is the driving force behind planned activities, while the council members have voting powers and, along with many other parents, provide the very welcome support to deliver the events. The amount of time given is completely dependent on the amount of time an individual can give.

The committee is made up of five official roles – all of these roles will be vacant in October and the current committee is committed to providing a thorough handover. Without a new committee the SPA will not be able to function and the valuable work done to raise funds, for the benefit all of our children and external charities, along with the various social events organised will halt.

We need volunteers for the following roles:


Provides leadership for the SPA, liaises with the school (heads/bursar/governors/external relations) to further the SPA aims, leads AGM and other meetings.

For more information, please contact Lisa Provan on 07958 679756.

Vice chair

Supports the chair in organising all social and fundraising events.

For more information, please contact Sally Jones on 07544 712458.


Manages the finances for the SPA, records revenue and expenditure, rallies support for finance team at Christmas and summer fair, prepares books, payment of invoices.

For more information please contact Lesley Kay on 07725 414396.


Takes the minutes for each SPA meeting.

For more information please contact Lisa Provan on 07958 679756.

Social secretary

Organises the bar and the catering at SPA events.

For more information please contact Sarah Travis on 07977 063720.

There is also an unofficial role of marketing communications, which involves creating all the flyers, eshots, posters and tickets for the SPA’s events.

The current SPA committee and the school would be very grateful for any help you can offer.

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