Year four experience life in the dark ages on York trip

Year 4 children defend Viking village

Our year four children experienced what it was like to live in the dark ages when they visited York’s Danelaw living history centre as part of their work on invaders and settlers.

Our boys and girls had no time to relax after they arrived as they got into their Viking garb and armed themselves with spears and shields to defend the village against incoming invaders.

Year 4 children as VikingsAnd after protecting their home from enemies, our Vikings then tended to their day-to-day work by hoeing their settlement’s farmland, collecting firewood, making oil pots from clay and grinding flour.

Once they’d had a quick trip back to the 21st century for tea at their accommodation by the racecourse, the children returned to the village to sit around the fire in the longhouse to listen to some Viking stories.

Having lived as Vikings on the Monday, next up was a Tuesday as Tudors! The boys and girls spent their day dipping string into hot wax to make candles, mixing oranges and cloves to create 16th century air fresheners and learning about the origins of old words and phrases. Mr Milnes tells us that in Viking times, couples married on a full moon, with both families then spending the next 28 days drinking honey beer – hence “honeymoon!”

After an absolutely packed two days which brought what the children had been learning in their History lessons to life, the journey back over the Pennines gave everybody the chance to have a well-deserved rest.

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