Year five children take to airwaves to record world war two broadcasts

World war 2 poster

Children in year five have recorded their very own second world war radio broadcasts after studying some genuine transmissions from the era as part of their History lessons.

The language, tone, accents, dialects and emotions behind the broadcasts were all discussed by the pupils before they worked in groups to create their own recordings based on what they had heard.

After writing their scripts, the children recorded their broadcasts in one take, using their best dramatic skills to make them sound as authentic as possible:

Henry, Henry, Daniel, Harrison, Daniel, Reece, Sulaymaa, Joshua and Ali (5C)

Heaven, Laura, Holly, Sam, Allan, Billy, Regan, Hanuf, Sania, Emily, Natalie and Lizzie (5C)

Ciaran, Will, Suarav, Teddy and Chester (5J)

Isaac, Ibby, Alex and Hassan (5J)

Lydia, Caitlin, Rosie, Emilia and Georgia (5J)

Myles, Rozh, Louis and Jack (5J)

Ruby, Julia, Georgia and Jody (5J)

After their broadcasts had been aired, some of the pupils in Y5J told us how much they enjoyed recording them. Rosie White said:

It was really fun writing the scripts because we got to use lots of unusual language and speak in different accents.

Will Woodside and Hassan Khan also had lots of fun, telling us:

We loved that we got to use the microphones to record our broadcasts, it made it feel more authentic. And being able to listen back to them was great too!

Later on this month the children will spend a day as second world war evacuees when they enjoy a day of world war two-based activities at school.

Last year’s world war two day saw the children be pleasantly surprised after they sampled some wartime food, while they also learned how to “make do and mend”, administer first aid and make their rations last.

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