First years’ ancient Greek plays entertain a Junior School audience

First Year Classics plays cast

Classicists from our first year treated an audience of Junior School children to a trio of ancient Greek plays – and in keeping with the period, the theatregoers then voted for their favourite performance.

The year three pupils loved the three short productions – Perseus and the Gorgon, Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora’s Box – which starred Oliver Helme, Amy Gardner, Megan King, Michael Gilmour, Kitty Grant, Harry Scorah, Mohammed Al-Salam, Edward Heaton, Alex Campbell, Leon Evans and a pair of puppets made by Textile Technology teacher Mrs Zoe Vernon.

Closely-fought poll

The plays had been in the making with the help of sixth form pupils Dominic Barton and Amelia Cooper since the beginning of the term, and the Juniors showed their appreciation for their hard work in a closely-fought poll for their favourite – just like they would have done back in ancient Greek times.

However, unlike in ancient Greece, the actors weren’t allowed to offer their audience bribes in exchange for their votes, and so the performers of Pandora’s Box were crowned – literally – as the winners.

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