History pupils spend day as world war two evacuees

Pupils dressed as evacuees

Our year five pupils’ History lessons on the second world war came to life when they spent the day as evacuees who had travelled from the city to enjoy the fresh Stockport air and keep safe during the blitz.

Mr "Ivor Shrapnel-Wound" JohnsonThe day’s activities included Mr “Ivor Shrapnel-Wound” Johnson’s first aid course and Mrs “Captain Awol” Torz’s make do and mend lessons, while Mrs “Peggie Washing-Out” Sullivan’s rationed cooking proved to be the surprise hit of the day, with potato hash and sugar butties going down particularly well with the children, including Lydia Johnson:

I enjoyed the food rationing because the food was nice, I didn’t realise that rationed food could be so tasty!

An air-raid siren meant a journey to the shelter after lunch, but a sing-a-long of wartime songs kept everyone’s spirits high before the day got even better when Churchill’s victory speech signalled the end of the war and sparked celebrations in the courtyard.

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