Tim Chalmers’ first novel available on Kindle


Tim Chalmers (OS 1983) is a senior journalist for the Daily Mail and has just published his debut novel, Home Time, as an e-book through Amazon.

Tim’s novel started out as a blog about the trials and tribulations of life as a new parent at the school gates.

From there, he developed a back story and plot for a central group of characters and wrote the 85,000 word novel over a year and a half.

Tim was then taken on my a top literary agent, who then attracted an editor from a publishing house, unfortunately the trail went cold from there, resulting in Tim publishing the novel as a Kindle e-book.

William is a single father who must try to provide a childhood for his only son Tom while failing to cope with the sudden loss of his beloved wife Elizabeth.

William’s struggle is not eased by the onset of the new school year, when he has to enrol Tom and is immediately confronted by the playground mothering mafia known as the Cappuccino Clan, along with their bitter rivals the Pushy Posse.

Granted immediate outsider status by virtue of his sex and estimated income bracket, William is nevertheless thrown headlong into this alien world where survival is essential – for Tom’s sake.

The school car park pile up, the shame of the inferior lunch box compilation, the play audition bribery scandal and the sports day fathers’ race humiliation – despite all of these trials and tribulations, William must somehow try to make it through to the sanctuary of the summer holiday.

The signs are certainly not positive but, with the support of his amazing son and the memories of his amazing wife, William might just make it – especially when he finds help from the most unexpected of sources.

Tim is already working on his second novel.

You can buy Home Time through the Amazon website here.

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