Artists inspired on London galleries trip

Art pupils outside London gallery

Artists from the sixth form spent a day exploring London’s top galleries as they looked to some of the world’s most well-renowned works for inspiration.

Art pupils in London gallery

Pupils whizzed from Tate Britain and Tate Modern to the National Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum, where they sketched and studied the vast variety of art on display.

Girl sketching in London gallery

“Hugely important” trip

Head of Art and Design Mr Richard Davies explained why annual trip is always so worthwhile:

The opportunity to see art in such auspicious surroundings is hugely important when trying to understand the work. Time can be spent studying techniques as well as seeing the impact factors such as size have in conveying a message.

Despite arriving back in Stockport feeling weary, the day was a resounding success and will no doubt have an impact on the subsequent pieces that are produced.

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