Victorian schoolday enjoyed by year five

Boy on Victorian day

Children in year five spent one of our Junior School’s “living history days” as Victorian scholars and discovered what life might have been like at Stockport Grammar in the nineteenth century.

After paying a penny for a day’s schooling, our pupils studied art, handwriting, maths and scripture in classrooms which had their whiteboards swapped for blackboards and were split down the middle into separate desks for boys and girls.

Girl on Victorian day

During breaktime, the children played hoopla, marbles and hopscotch in the courtyard, all under the watchful eyes of Master Johnson, Madam Sullivan and Madam Cole – who were all ready to castigate any scholars who didn’t meet their exceptionally high standards of behaviour and etiquette!

Victorian portraits

Later on, the children and their teachers visited the Victorian photo studio to have their portraits taken in an austere 1800s style before finishing off their schoolday with singing practice and drill exercises.

Victorian day portraits

Roman day

Further down the school, our year four children stepped even further back in time as they dressed up in tunics and armour to took part in our Roman day, which included plenty of craft activities, puzzles and a lesson with our Senior School Head of Classics, Mr Alastair Thorley.

Pupils on Roman day

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