Octaves featuring Old Stop Mark release Christmas single

If you’re looking for a new festive single that will brighten your Christmas and also raise money for charity then look no further! Old Stop Mark Griffiths (OS 2005) and his vocal harmony group, The Octaves, have a new Christmas single that should be right up your street.

The single ‘Radio Christmas’ is due to be released on 9th December just in time for Christmas and all proceeds from purchases of the single go to Kids ‘n’ Cancer based in Chesterfield. You can pre-order the song for just 59p, so it’s ‘less than a quid to save a kid!’

The group came together in 2011; the band rehearsed intensely for five months, giving up previous jobs and Mark even relocated to Portsmouth to fully commit to the project. Radio Christmas is the band’s first single to be released but they have already built up a large portfolio of other original work and we will no doubt be seeing more of them in the future.

So get buying ‘Radio Christmas’! There’s even a cheesy Christmas video to go along with it:

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