Chemists measure paracetamol purity

Chemists preparing samples

Our sixth form Chemistry pupils have used state-of-the-art techniques to analyse the purity of paracetamol, experienced success in an Olympiad challenge and attended a medical taster day at the Christie so far this half-term.

Spectroscopy in a suitcase

A highlight has been the visit of researchers from Manchester University and the Royal Society of Chemistry, who brought along their spectroscopy equipment – not usually available in schools – to help pupils analyse the purity of paracetamol samples.

Chemists analysing paracetamol

The sessions covered the principles of spectroscopic techniques and used real-life examples to demonstrate how they can be applied.

Chemists analysing results

As well as learning about pharmacology and the chemical aspects of medicine, our pupils were also able to chat to the visitors about university life and study.

Christie hospital medical taster day

Some of our sixth form chemists also learned more about careers in medicine when they were invited to a taster day at the Christie – the largest cancer hospital in Europe.

Christie consultants gave presentations and offered advice on a wide range of topics including applying for a career in medicine, what day-to-day life is like for medical students, junior doctors and consultants, and what options are available at the Christie for work experience.

Chemistry Olympiad

Pupils who sat this year’s Chemistry Olympiad – an advanced exam paper set by the Royal Society of Chemistry – have also recently received their results.

Eight pupils achieved silver, meaning they finished within the top 25% of pupils who sat the exam, and a further four were awarded bronze – a fantastic achievement.

Silver award winners

  • David Withers
  • Hassan Rafiq
  • Matthew Hughes
  • Tasmin Ray
  • Georgina Plant
  • Charlie Saunders
  • Hannah Gardiner
  • Benjamin Richmond

Bronze award winners

  • Daniel Blears
  • Ray McCulloch
  • Jennifer Warwick
  • Laura Wynne

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