First World War centenary marked across school

Scene from HisTroy part two

Pupils across the school marked the centenary year of the First World War with a number of commemorative activities based around this year’s Classics play, HisTroy.

War exhibition

At a week-long exhibition on what war means to our pupils, poems written in English and German and paintings were displayed alongside research work on the local Pals battalions and life in the trenches, as well as work on how language is used as propaganda.

War exhibition piece

A war cookery workshop produced dishes prepared from classic wartime recipes, and our lower sixth Textiles Technology set – who designed costumes for HisTroy – exhibited their preparatory work.

War cookery workshop

Junior School children contributed their research projects on different weapons of war too, while our First Year pupils made 3D models based on their values and our sixth form paired quotes from Homer’s Iliad with images of ancient and modern artwork.

Classics play – HisTroy

The exhibition was seen by the sell-out audiences of our Classics department’s production of HisTroy – two of Sophocles’ plays reinterpreted to include excerpts from the First World War poetry of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

HisTroy cast

Performed across three nights in the Hallam Hall, the cast of 12 lower sixth form pupils rose to the challenge of the demanding material, with atmospheric and note-perfect accompaniment from the chorus.

War day

A matinee performance of HisTroy rounded off an off-timetable war day for 60 pupils from the first three years of the school whose work on war was judged to be the most thoughtful.

After presentations from Mr James Russell (History), Mr Alex Cooke (Geography), Miss Esther Spence (English) and Mr Alastair Thorley (Classics), the pupils took part in a Model United Nations-style debate based around the Trojan war.

Divided into three teams, each representing one of the three contingents from the war, the debate ended with history unchanged and the Greeks going to Troy – despite a proposition to decide the conflict with an early Olympic Games!

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