MUN: pupils win seven awards at huge conference

MUN team outside George Watson's College

Seven of our Model United Nations (MUN) debaters won top awards when they travelled to Edinburgh for a huge conference at George Watson’s College.

At the conference, our 12 delegates took on roles as diplomats from Mexico and discussed a wide range of complex world issues from the country’s viewpoint based on their research of the nation.

MUN team in Edinburgh

With over 600 pupils from around the world at the event, our delegates did fantastically well to win so many awards, and were also applauded for their efforts during the general assembly.


Our individual award winners were:

  • Leah Allcock – commended
  • Christian Anderson – highly commended
  • Jonathan Bennett – commended
  • Ali Drabu – highly commended and best young delegate
  • Jeremy Dunn – outstanding delegate in political committee
  • Anna Madden – commended
  • Alex Mayo – highly commended

“An exceptionally high level”

English teacher Miss Esther Spence, who runs MUN at Stockport Grammar with Mr Nigel Browne, was proud of our pupils:

This is one of the biggest and best conferences in the UK so it was a tremendous achievement to win so many awards!

The pupils all did incredibly well and debated at an exceptionally high level throughout the three days.

Withington conference

Less experienced debaters took part in a conference at Withington earlier in the term aimed at giving younger pupils the chance to build up their confidence and debating skills.

MUN boys at Withington

Representing the UK, South Africa and Qatar in committees such as disarmament, health and human rights, all 19 of our delegates had a fantastic day and will hopefully become seasoned debaters in the near future!

Extracurricular activities

MUN is part our extracurricular provision which was judged to be outstanding in the school’s most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate inspection.

Pupils during MUN debate

As well as regularly attending conferences around the country, debates also take place weekly within school (pictured).

See our extracurricular activities pages for full details of our programme of co-curricular activities throughout the Senior School.

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