Junior Vikings and Tudors spend a night in York

Vikings defending village

Children from year four spent two days in York living as Vikings and Tudors on their first overnight trip with the school.

Viking day

Our pupils’ first day was at Murton Park’s Danelaw dark age village where, once they had dressed up as Vikings, they faced a day of hard work to both maintain and defend their new settlement!

Vikings at fence

“It was great!”

After farming, making oil lamps and looking after their houses, our mini Vikings learned all about how to defend their village from attack – a role which Ben Bullough took very seriously:

It was great learning how to be a Viking guard – we had to defend our people from the Anglo-Saxon intruder!

Archaeological dig

Our time-travellers’ overnight stay in 21st century accommodation refreshed them in time for a morning at Jorvik Dig, where they became archaeological detectives and uncovered the history of the archaeology of York.

Tudors making candles

Back at Murton Park the children spent the rest of their day as Tudors, during which they crafted candles, learned how to write Tudor-style calligraphy and made pomanders to round off an exciting couple of days which really brought what they had been learning in their History lessons to life.

Tudors feeding horses

“It was great!”

Maya Anderson spoke for everybody when she said that she enjoyed the trip:

I had a really good time in York. My favourite part was becoming a potter making my own oil lamp – I loved getting messy!

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