Year five spend day as world war two evacuees

Singing in air-raid shelter

Children in year five made do and mended, cooked with rations and kept calm when they spent a day as second world war evacuees.

World war two day evacuees

Dressed in 1940s costume, our evacuees spent their morning learning first aid with Mr Malcolm “Captain Eamon Fire” Johnson, reusing old material to make toys with the well-to-do Mrs “Pinkerton-Smythe MBE” Torz and cooking with rations in Mrs Alison “Peggy Washing-Out” Sullivan’s kitchen.

Mrs Peggy Washing-Out

Among the “treats” served up were Lord Woolton vegetable pie, corned beef hash, potato piglets and sugar butties, which all proved to be good sustenance ahead of a trip to the air-raid shelter.

Taking shelter

Yasmine Doyle and Megan Phillips in class Y5SM explained what happened next:

After learning about what we should take in an air-raid shelter, the siren and went off and we were told not to panic.

Captain Eamon Fire sprinted to the air-raid shelter with us closely behind, and we sang lots of wartime songs like The White Cliffs of Dover, Run Rabbit Run, We’ll Meet Again and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.

Girls singing

War is over!

The news that war was over soon reached Stockport Grammar and the children enjoyed a party in the courtyard, before they were returned safely to their families and back to their history lessons – where their experiences from the day will help to further their understanding of the war.

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