Geographers study rivers and flooding in the Lakes

Geographers in Newlands Valley

Geographers from our sixth form met some suitably wet weather when they travelled to the Lake District to collect river data and investigate flood defence schemes.

Girls collecting river data

The annual trip always begins with pupils donning their wellies and waterproof trousers as they take to the Keskadale Beck river in the Newlands Valley, deep within the Lake District.

Geographers collecting river data

Surrounded by stunning scenery, our geographers measure the river and collect data which they will use in their AS-level work and exams throughout the year.

Flood defences in Keswick

Based for two nights at the Blencathra field studies centre, pupils then made the short journey to Keswick to investigate the town’s £6m flood defence scheme.

Pupils in Keswick

The market town was devastated by floods in 2005 and 2009 and provides a perfect case study of how the area was affected by – and is now protected from – the River Greta bursting its banks.

Flood risk mapping

Focusing on Keswick, our pupils then used data to create their own maps of areas still at a high-risk from the water – another vital skill that they will use throughout the sixth form geography course.

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