Robinwood trip: three days of adventure!

Pupils at Robinwood

Three days at the Robinwood activity centre gave our year five children a taste of the great outdoors.

Giant swing

After the heavy West Yorkshire rain made way for glorious sunshine, our pupils enjoyed dozens of fun activities which put their physical agility, mental ability and teamwork skills to the test.

“It was amazing!”


Nobody can explain what our adventurers got up to better than our children themselves, with Amy Jack having had a brilliant time:

The best activity was the giant swing.  Two people had to climb up a special ladder and get clipped onto the swing by their harness.

Then, the group had to pull a long rope to get you high up in the air, about seven metres! Next, you had to chop the yellow rope when everyone started to sing “chop banana!” and the swing went shooting down.  It was amazing!

Climbing crates

Teamwork and puzzle-solving

Harry Brown had just as much fun too:

When we arrived at Robinwood we had to walk up a long steep hill, through the woods, until we arrived at the castle.  We went straight into our activities.

Some required special equipment like harnesses, helmets and waterproof clothing.  One activity was called Quest and you had to work as a team and solve puzzles.

Piranha pool

The trip created a year group of very tired children but a whole host of fantastic memories, and a great time was had by all.

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